White House Blog: SustainU ‘Always Wearing Green’

SustainU CEO Chris Yura has recently been recognized as a Champion of Change by the White House and part of President Obama’s ‘Winning the Future Across America’ initiative.

Here is an excerpt from the White House blog:

“Four-year letterman and stand-out fullback for the Fighting Irish football team, Chris Yura wore his Notre Dame Football uniform with great pride. His “Papal Gold” helmet above the interlocking Madonna Blue “ND” monogram distinguished the team.

“Chris recognized the power of the Fighting Irish signature apparel by the excitement generated in the stands when they took the field. He also saw “The Shirt” bring people together far away from the college gridiron. Strangers in ND swag became instant comrades in the malls and on street corners around the world.

“Chris Yura founded SustainU, an environmentally-friendly clothing line for colleges and universities, and has grown the company quickly in just a few years.

“After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 2003, Chris went to New York City looking to get his career off the ground. He became a professional model and learned, on the runways and in photo shoots, about the emotional power of clothing. As a model, Chris learned about the sourcing and manufacturing of apparel in addition to the international clothing market and sustainable fashion movement. He was frustrated to learn about the misleading character of the market for “green” clothing. Putting all of these experiences together Chris saw an opportunity to do something on his own.

“Chris hoped to create a more authentic garment, one that embodied the social, environmental and economic values with which he was raised. With a small loan from his parents, he moved to North Carolina, a vibrant textile region, to learn how to make quality, affordable apparel. He brought this knowledge back to his home state of West Virginia and in June of 2009, at the age of 28, Chris founded SustainU, a clothing line that produces environmentally-friendly apparel for colleges and universities. SustainU’s mission is predicated on the message of social, environmental and economic sustainability, changing clothing to change our world and reinvigorate America’s manufacturing sector.”

Read the full blog post at: whitehouse.gov/blog

One thought on “White House Blog: SustainU ‘Always Wearing Green’

  1. Marjorie Wolfe

    I am from Morgantown and living in DC. I read the article in WV Living about you and your company, Chris Yura and I say BRAVO!

    Now if we could get the great people of Morgantown more interested in the Recycling that would be great.
    In DC we have an incredible recycling program and we charge 5cents per plastic bags given out in all stores. In one year that has brought 1 Million dollars to the clean up program for the Antacostia River.

    What you are doing is important to us all! I am happy to see that your group has had White House recognition. Congratulations and keep up the good work!!!

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