We’ve all heard it said: “The clothes make the man.”

Whether you believe that clothes reveal to us a person’s identity or not, you can certainly learn something about a person by the clothes that they wear.

What is their favorite team? Do they like to work out? What kind of job do they have?

Our clothes tell a story about our preferences to the world.

At SustainU, we want the stories are garments are telling to reflect the core values of our company, by the things that go into our garments as well as by the embellishments on them. We are proud that every SustainU product is made from 100% recycled material, that is, things that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. And the people who knit, cut, sew and print our garments are Americans whose names we know.


We now have crew neck sweatshirts, made from 100% recycled materials! For our photo shoot last fall we were lucky enough to visit Footprints Farm, a local sustainably designed, family farm that grows premium quality meats, vegetables, and herbs using natural and traditional farming systems. If you’re close to Fayette County, PA, check them out!

For us, it’s not just a business, it’s personal. And, to us, that is a story worth telling.

So, next time you pull your shirt over your head, think about what you’re saying to the world. If that story is not one you’re excited about, change it. Join us in heralding the revitalization of American manufacturing by using recycled products to make high quality, comfortable clothing. Once you start doing that, it will never be “just a t-shirt” again.