W-S Blind group creates 24,000 shirts for SustainU

Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind has manufactured more than 24,000 shirts for Morgantown, W. Va.-based recycled apparel maker SustainU through a partnership with the company.

SustainU officials said the company teamed up with the Winston-Salem organization in April, a partnership the company called a “win-win” for both organizations, according to a press release.

Thus far, the partnership has added five new jobs to SustainU’s full-time staff, created employment opportunities for the blind community and helped Sustain U keep jobs in the U.S.

Dan Kelly, vice president of operations for Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind, said the SustainU partnership has been beneficial because it’s been an “excellent opportunity for us to diversify our business beyond government” customers like the Army. The group currently has five people who are working on the SustainU product line.

SustainU also has a partnership with Greensboro-based Unifi (NYSE: UFI) and is using the company’s recycled fiber to make jerseys for the Boy Scouts of America.

Source: The Business Journal