University of Utah Campus Store to Carry Sustainable Apparel

APRIL 15, 2011 The University of Utah Campus Store announced today that it will be carrying a sustainable clothing line that is made in America from 100% recycled fabric. SustainU, a leading producer of apparel using 100% recycled fabrics that are manufactured in the USA, will be creating University of Utah apparel using school graphics and logos on men’s and women’s 50/50 recycled cotton/polyester and 100% polyester T-shirts. The University of Utah Campus Store and SustainU will also be incorporating the company’s ONE FOR ALL Mobilization Project into the sales of its clothes; a 10% purchase discount will be given if a piece of used clothing is taken in and donated for recycling. 

“We’re excited to now be offered at the University of Utah Campus Store, and to work with them to encourage the recycling of clothing,” says Chris Yura, founder and CEO of SustainU. “One of our goals as a company is to educate the campus and broader community at-large about the benefits of recycling clothes. It’s a little known fact that they can be re-purposed to make fabric for new apparel. We believe if we can change the way we think about clothes, we can change the world.”

“By using recycled materials and clothing to make high-quality fabrics for new apparel, we can have a positive impact on the environment,” Yura said.

SustainU is at the forefront of creating clothing from recycled materials. The fabric used in its apparel is produced from post-consumer plastic bottles, recycled cotton and post-industrial textile waste, and is manufactured in Raleigh, North Carolina.

About SustainU
SustainU produces high-performance apparel using fabrics made from 100% recycled materials that are manufactured in the USA to provide extraordinary comfort and wear, while reducing environmental waste, carbon emissions and water use. Our mission is to change the way clothes are made to improve the environment, reinvigorate America’s manufacturing sector, and educate the world about how clothing can positively impact people’s lives. For more information, please visit

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  1. g clark

    I was reading this article about a green bra brought to the market by Marks and Spencers in the UK. I love the idea! With the wedding dress speculation for Kate Middleton heating up, a missed opportunity if she doesn’t go green (in addition to her white dress) at least with her lingerie. I am sure we will never know these facts but the idea would be lovely!

    Credit where credit is due. Found the article here:

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