Textile Insight: SustainU is Taking Green to School

SustainU apparel is gaining fans on campuses nationwide with good-looking garments made from recycled materials produced in the USA.

Increasingly, sustainability is the foundation of a new business. Such is the case with SustainU. Founded two years ago, CEO Chris Yura not only built his business on a green model but focuses on converting a non-traditional eco market. He creates apparel for colleges and universities using 100 percent recycled materials and local labor.

“My idea was to create a transparent alternative for the collegiate market that is built on the idea of not wanting the shirts to just be a collection within a company but rather to be the company,” says Yura, who brings a unique perspective to the business with his background as a stand-out football player at Notre Dame University and a post-college career as a successful fashion model in New York City.

Observing that more universities were hiring sustainability directors, Yura felt the timing was right to launch his fan apparel. “I felt that if students could see something in material form, like a T-shirt, then they would get it, and use it, and embrace the concept of it,” says Yura, using “it” to refer to sustainability.

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