SustainU SustainU CEO, Chris Yura: Guest Speaker at Appalachian State University’s Association of Student Entrepreneurs Meeting, September 15, 2010

Owner and founder of SustainU, Chris Yura, will be speaking at the Association of Student Entrepreneurs meeting at Appalachian State University on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 5:30 at the Raley Room 1018.  He will be focusing on the development and operation of a sustainable clothing company in the U.S. and the positive effects it has on the environment.

SustainU garments are made entirely of recycled products, but they are also produced 100% in the U.S., specifically in an economically distressed area of North Carolina. Obviously, this is a great opportunity for collaboration between Appalachian State University and SustainU, to promote economic development in the area and also to work to make the campus more sustainable.

While in Boone, NC, Chris will also be meeting with the Director of Sustainability, Ged Moody, to discuss the implementation of the oneShirt campaign at Appalachian State on February 21 & 23, 2011. OneShirt is a clothing drive that will be on campuses throughout the country, collecting used clothing to be donated to local Goodwill locations or sent to textile recyclers.

For more information on the oneShirt campaign and how you can bring it to your university, please see