SustainU launches National “Mobi” Project at Impact Conference

MARCH 31, 2011 Chris Yura, CEO of SustainU, and Tiffany Newcomb, Director of Corporate Responsibility for SustainU, will announce the launch of the company’s new Mobi Project, part of its One For All Campaign, at the 2011 Impact Conference at Stetson University on Thursday, April 1, 2011.

Mobies (short for Mobilizers) are a national team of students passionate about mobilizing college campuses across the country around sustainability in apparel and the idea that we can change the world by changing how we view the planet and people. Mobies will help educate their campuses about the social, environmental and economic issues in clothing and students and faculty to stand up and do something about it, through service project like the oneShirt National Collegiate Clothing Drive and making available locally SustainU’s 100% recycled American apparel.

Mobies can also earn college credit interning with a cutting-edge apparel manufacturer and gain practical experience in one of the largest global markets.

The Impact Conference is the largest gathering of socially-minded students in the United States. Participants find common ground across issues, ideology, geography and philosophy of social change for the annual conference. Conservative, moderate and liberal students attend, addressing issues such as hunger and homelessness, climate change, community economic development, health and global topics. The conference includes workshops, speakers and an Opportunities Fair during which nonprofit organizations promote internships and job and volunteer opportunities.

“The different programs offer ways to get more involved in specific issues and to make an impact on your community and explain how to get other students involved and how to mobilize,” Atkins said. “It’s also a great networking opportunity for students because they’re around people who are passionate about the same things they are.”

To find out more about the Mobi Project or to apply visit