SustainU in the State Journal – Morgantown Clothing Company Seeks Transparency

An article by Pam Kasey for the State Journal was posted online today. She starts by writing that SustainU is a new clothing company that tries to balance a “triple bottom line” of social, economic and environmental sustainability, then go on to quote the company’s owner, Chris Yura: 

“The product that we manufacture is made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and post-industrial textile waste, both of which usually go to landfills and sit there for a long time,” Yura said.

“Both of those products are made from crude oil, so if you use a recycled substitute, you’re saving about a half gallon of gasoline per pound of yarn,” he said. “And you’re not transporting fiber from all over the world — the capability is right here in America.”
For the full article, please visit the State Journal’s website.