Earth911: SustainU Helps College Students Recycle Clothes

Want to help give back on your college campus this year? Engage in a little friendly competition – while lending a hand to your community and the environment – by taking part in SustainU‘s oneShirt Challenge, the nation’s largest collegiate clothing drive.

Last year, student groups and organizations at nearly 100 colleges participated in the oneShirt Challenge, collecting more than 16 tons of used clothing for local charities and agencies. Participation is expected to double this year and include schools from all 50 states.

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Donating or recycling clothes not only keeps useful items out of the landfill but can also help people in your community find jobs, as repurposed clothing is often sold to support job training and placement programs, the company said.

So, how does it work? Campus groups, clubs and departments rally volunteers to help collect clothes during Earth Week (April 16-21). Collected clothes are weighed, and schools with the highest total and per-student amounts will be awarded the coveted title of Big Shirts on Campus.

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