SustainU Brings Something New to College Apparel

People think a lot about fashion, but they don’t often stop to consider the environmental impact or where their clothes are made. If you’re concerned about the effect your choices have on climate change or our country’s future, but don’t know where to start, SustainU can show you how a t-shirt can help change the world.

Our new line of clothing is 100% recycled, made from used pop bottles, cotton and polyester scraps that would normally end up in a landfill. From these diverse materials we spin a yarn that is as soft as your favorite t-shirt, while being durable enough to take into the great outdoors or to your tailgate. With an emphasis on flattering styles and awesome graphics, we prove that environmentally conscious fashion can have mass appeal.

It’s a statement you can feel good about buying: all of our shirts are created with domestic labor, which means that we’re helping to make new jobs in the United States. We work in partnership with local factories and college printers, teaching the American textile industry new practices to create a more sustainable future.