sOccket, the power-generating soccer ball, hosts a pop up at Openhouse Gallery after Clinton Global Initiative

September 22, 2011 — sOccket Pop-Up Exhibit and Launch Party

New York, NY – September 21, 2011 – Uncharted Play will be unveiling the exciting new sOccket with a pop-up exhibit to the public this Friday, on September 23, 2011 at the Openhouse Gallery in New York City. Invented by an all-female group of Harvard undergraduates in 2008, the award-winning sOccket is a soccer ball that harnesses energy generated during play to power small electrical appliances that are critical in the developing world. Made with 95 percent recyclable materials to ensure a product lifespan of 3-15 years, the sOccket requires only 30 minutes of play to provide 3 hours of power and light.

Visitors to the space can expect to play with the ball on the indoor grass field with players from Freestyle Soccer Inc., and see the ball powering different electrical appliances. A select number of sOcckets will be available for pre-sale at the exhibit as well. “This will be a unique opportunity to see the sOccket in action” said co-founder and CEO Jessica O. Matthews, who added “plus you’ll be able to get your hands on the first new sOccket’s being made available to the public.”

In May of 2011, two of the original sOccket inventors, Jessica O. Matthews (23) and Julia C. Silverman (22), founded Uncharted Play, a zero-profit, social enterprise that develops fun toys that provide a solution to real-world issues. Taking on sOccket as Uncharted Play’s flagship product, Matthews and Silverman invested thousands of dollars from their personal savings in the redesign and development of the ball that can now power functional tools like an LED lamp and a water purifier.

“Keeping the realities of the resource-poor child in mind, we worked very hard to develop a ball we feel can make a difference in the lives of people around the world,” said Uncharted Play Chief Social Officer and non-profit head, Julia Silverman.

For more information about the new sOccket or Unchartered Play, please contact Zena Hanna at press(at)soccket(dot)com.


2 thoughts on “sOccket, the power-generating soccer ball, hosts a pop up at Openhouse Gallery after Clinton Global Initiative

  1. Linda Morrison

    How do I order one of the soccket balls? Is there a buy one give one deal now before the holidays?

  2. Trey Post author

    Hi Linda. You will be able to “Give a sOccket” and purchase official sOccket apparel and gear soon via the sOccket online store located at You should contact directly for more information on purchasing a sOccket for personal use.

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