Shopping Ethically blogs about SustainU

Shopping Ethically, a website “Dedicated to sweatshop-free shopping,”

mentioned SustainU and their 100% domestic, 100% recycled shirts recently:

Recently, I read an article in my local paper about a t-shirt company called SustainU. The company makes t-shirts for colleges and universities that are made of recycled materials from the USA and are made in North Carolina. How much better could a t-shirt get? SustainU’s website has great information about how we, as consumers, can be more eco and ethically conscious. For instance, SustainU claims that “the average campus apparel’s creation, assembly, and distribution can take place on up to three different continents before reaching the final campus destination.” On the other hand, SustainU’s t-shirts only have to be shipped from North Carolina to your university!

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