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We would like to do our clothing drive on dates other than those specified [April 15-20]. Is that permitted?

Because it is a competition we are trying to keep it as fair as possible, but really the whole goal is to encourage students and communities to recycled and re-purpose textiles and to understand that is a good thing to do. We will leave how your run the campaign and when up to your discretion. Planet Aid will be collecting and weighing oneShirt Challenge donations the week after the oneShirt Challenge ends, so that we can announce winners.


How is the pick up going to happen?

Planet Aid will be picking up donations and collection from your school the week following the oneShirt Challenge. A Planet Aid representative will work with you to coordinate pick up.


How long will this competition last? It says from April 15-20. That doesn’t give much time to collect. Could we do it longer?

The reason the campaign runs only one week is that the oneShirt campaign is not a typical clothing drive where people bring their donations to a collection point. Instead we are asking schools to recruit 20 volunteers to pick up clothing from the community as well as provide a place for students and the community to collectively bring donations.


We find this approach advantageous for several reason:

  • mobilizes students to go “do” something
  • creates a good will relationship between campus and college
  • is convenient for people who want to donate; it saves them a trip to GoodWill
  • the abbreviated and concentrated time frame requires less overall time from people


Where will people and volunteers drop off the donations?

You should find a central location on campus where people and volunteers can bring donations. A Planet Aid representative will work with you to place collection bins at various locations around your campus.


What exactly happens to the clothes collected?

Beginning in 2013 Planet Aid is the official textile recycler of the oneShirt Challenge. They use your donations to support sustainable development around the world and in return will write a check to a non-profit of your choice based on the total weight of your donation. Up to 5 cents a pound!

Find our more about Planet Aid on the website at


What kind of donations are acceptable?

Even though this campaign is called the oneShirt campaign, any used clothing is generally accepted by most donation centers, including coats, pants, shoes, suits, etc. Check with your local charity partner for specific details.


When is the deadline to make the donation?

Planet Aid will be picking up all donations for the oneShirt Challenge the week following Earth Week. Planet Aid operates year-round and can work with your campus to install a permanent textile recycling program.


How much does it cost to participate in the oneShirt Challenge?

Nothing. The event is free of charge.


What is the typical size of donations?

Typically people will give two bags of clothes weighing around 10-15 pounds each.


How will Big Shirt on Campus! winners be determined?

There will two BSOC! winners; the first will be for the school that collects the most overall poundage of clothing. The second will be determined based on the size of the school and will be calculated by dividing poundage collected by the official enrollment of the school. For schools with more than one campus the enrollment for the participating campus will be used.


What is the BSOC! prize?

The two winning schools will receive SustainU Hybrid T-shirts with a custom one-color logo for their club, group or department. T-shirts can be redeemed anytime within the following year. Other prizes will be announced as they are finalized.

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