Mother Nature Network: Would you buy a T-shirt from this guy?

A football player turned fashion model has a new role: Eco-entrepreneur.

Chris Yura
Chris Yura is helping bring fashion jobs back to America. (Photo: Benyamin Cohen)


Chris Yura is every bit the millennial entrepreneur. He’s a Notre Dame football player turned fashion model. He has met with President Obama, and talks about the ethos of the American job market with the ease of someone chatting about what he had for breakfast. He’s got chiseled good looks and a plucky personality. He’s a whiz kid ready with a sound bite. He’s a Ted Talk waiting to happen.

On any given day, you can find the 32-year-old in a small West Virginia town at the offices of SustainU, the company he founded when he was 28. The company mantra is simple: to be a clothing company with a conscience.

That mission starts with location. Adjacent to the Morgantown Chamber of Commerce, SustainU’s headquarters serves as a beacon that, yes, an eco-minded, forward-thinking, sustainable company can exist — and thrive — in a depressed economy in one of the poorest states in the nation.

For Yura, this is personal. His family has roots in West Virginia that go back nearly 200 years. “In Appalachia, showing how a green company can create jobs is very important to me,” he says. “We’re known as just the coal state, but what can we do here that’s different and outside the box?”

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