Keep it close, keep it affordable.

One of our goals has always to be a company that makes great, sustainable clothing affordable for everyone. One of the ways we do this is to reduce transportation costs by making things as locally as possible. We can manufacture and distribute our products more effectively in the USA than companies that source materials and labor from tens of thousands of miles away in other countries. The savings are not only economic; local manufacturing also greatly reduces CO2 emissions which greatly impacts the environment.

Some examples of how this works:

Consolidating shipments
When we have various colors coming out of our knitter, we wait for desired weight in fabric until we ship to save on transportation costs. reducing the number of shipments we make saves money and enables us to pass savings on to our customers.


Localized production
We keep all processes required to make a garment as close as possible to each other to cut down on shipping and the time to get products in-house. The textile regions of the West Virginia, North and South Carolina and Tennessee are well equipped and in close proximity making it a super-efficient region in which to make clothing.

Centralized distribution
We distribute all of our products out of a centrally located facility in the mid-Atlantic Region. Located within a 500 mile radius of half of the nation’s population, our DC is equipped to where we label, sew hem-tags, and print clothing and ship with very quick turnaround time, allowing us to react to markets more quickly than most companies.