How You Can Help

After reading over the SustainU website you may want have this kind of apparel at your school?  You can always email us through the Contact Page.

Another great resource is you’re Student Government, Student Services Department, and the Purchasing Department on your campus.  Most colleges and universities have a preferred vendors list, which they purchase items like T-Shirts, Sweat-Shirts, etc.  Asking your school officials to purchase American made and recycled apparel for Fan Clubs, Welcome Back or Freshman O, Earth or any other apparel purchase can create a demand.

The biggest hurdle you will hear, even before you get a quote from us, is about the price is the price difference.  Usually, eco-friendly means eco-expensive. But luckily that is not the case with SustainU. We are very competitive with the apparel that is currently used internally on campus and even less expensive on items (although we cannot compete, nor should we, with unfair labor practices and resource draining products).   There are also many ways to find extra funding on at your school for Green initiatives. Sponsors at your college or university love to show their sustainable side, and this can be a great way to make up the price difference if there is any.

The change starts at the student level and continues up the top. You have a voice, and that voice can be heard through email, calls, and even petitions that support American jobs and Sustainable Products on your campus.