Green Festival: Wear a Better Story: SustainU Takes a New Approach to Clothing

Chris Yura first understood the power of clothing as a freshman fullback on the Notre Dame football team. He recalls walking out on the field and looking up at the student section: “Looking at that sea of green T-shirts, I felt this powerful connection. I realized those shirts stood for something, they tied us together on a very deep level.”

After college, Chris found himself in the fashion industry where he soon realized that those shirts did not exactly represent the values of his school, classmates and alumni that wore them. “I discovered that most clothing is made using environmentally harmful methods, and that was often paired with the exploitation of the people who make apparel.”

Chris wondered if it was possible to make a more authentic, transparent garment that was also economically feasible. After months of research he discovered it was, and SustainU was born.

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