Day 2 IMPACT Conference


The reason this conference is called the IMAPCT Conference is because not only does it inspire you to make a difference in your community that can affect the world, but also it greatly impacts you personally.  Tonight, I had the opportunity to listen to the President of Bread for the World, David Beckmann, share his story and message in the fight against domestic and world hunger.  It was, to say the least, inspiring and touched on several issues that can affect change that are all interrelated: social, economic, and environmental sustainability. His life has been dedicated to this issue, and his support is much needed.


Later, I attended my first Hunger Banquet, hosted by Oxfam International and Heifer International.  This eye opening experience puts a perspective on the World’s Hunger Crisis and leaves participants wanting to find answers and help feed over half the word and 33 million Americans that do not have enough to eat.  The problems are complex, but the solution can be simple..just care.  You may not or may not have the end all equation that can fix this type of injustice, but as long as you care enough to affect ONE life you are on the right path.

 As I mentioned yesterday, my participation in the conference has fueled my fire for SustainU even more because it can play a small or large part of the solution.  It depends on you and me, but we do have the power. And that is a powerful thing to know, and holds us responsible for the future of our world and nation. Lets get it done!