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SustainU will soon be available from major retail outlets across the country, bringing a more sustainable clothing option for millions of Americans. SustainU can provide branded and collegiate-embellished goods for your store.

Why American Recycled Apparel?
Made from 100% recycled plastic and cotton scraps, SustainU apparel reduces the negative impacts of traditional manufacturing. A recycled shirt embellished with eco-friendly, PVC-free inks, can save thousands of litres of water, many kilos of carbon emissions and gallons of gasoline.

Outsourcing in the apparel industry has resulted in the exploitation of millions of adults and children, most of whom get caught in a cycle of dependency where they are trying to live on wages below the UN-defined poverty level of $2 a day.

SustainU manufactures all apparel in the once vibrant textiles regions of North and South Carolina and Tennessee, providing a livable wage for many families. Learn more about how SustainU clothing is made

Simple Sustainability
SustainU apparel is an easy way to bring a more sustainable clothing option to your retail location. For more information, please fill out the form and a SustainU representative will contact you.

SustainU holds the CLC, LRG and SMA Standard Licenses for most colleges and universities. More about licensing

One for All Mobilization Project
SustainU is building a team of people passionate about sustainability and mobilizing college campuses across the country around one idea: that we can change the world by changing how we view the planet and people. Your retail outlet will be supported by a local community excited about SustainU products and the message it delivers. Learn more about the One for All Project



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