Charleston Gazette: Yura wears his convictions on his sleeve

By Julie Robinson

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Chris Yura chose the road less traveled on his journey to build a thriving environmentally friendly apparel company.

The Morgantown High School football standout played fullback at the University of Notre Dame, graduated with a degree in sociology, modeled in New York City for five years and returned to Morgantown to start SustainU, a rapidly growing line of clothing made in the U.S from recycled materials.

“When you look at it on paper, none of it really fits together,” Yura said of his career path. “You have to be trusting and work hard.”

Yura founded SustainU in 2009, after he saw that clothing promoted as “green” was usually overpriced and produced overseas by factory workers whose earnings didn’t come close to providing a living wage. The energy used to transport the clothing back to market also stuck Yura as incongruous with a green company mission.

“The manufacturers claimed that they were environmentally friendly. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that making them overseas and transporting them back isn’t environmentally friendly,” Yura said. “I was baffled by the fact that there are factories left in ruin in the Carolinas. I looked for a way to utilize manufacturing facilities in our country.”

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