SustainU and MLB Launch Line of Sports-Licensed Apparel, “MLB by SustainU”

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We are thrilled to officially announce our licensed partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB) for our 2016 line of official sports-licensed apparel, MLB by SustainU.

We’ve been excited about this for quite some time, so keeping the official announcement under wraps has been difficult!

MLB by SustainU is now available on our Online Store and

This collection was designed for a generation of fans that advocate sustainability, outdoor conservation and other related social issues. Millennials tend to shop for clothing that reflects their ideals and individuality. Apparel can be an identifier of values, and team allegiances are shown in many colors and logos.

Graphics for all teams in both the National League and American League embody inspiration from fashion, millennials and outdoor adventure. A wide variation of styles are represented in the line’s following collections:

  • CONSERVE/NATION (featuring REALTREE® camo)
  • IPA (Intentionally Produced Apparel)
  • MUSIC 


Whether you’re a hardcore fan, casual fan or want to show off regional pride by wearing your team’s colors and logo – we’ve made styles suited for you.

In our initial research, we found that eco-friendly and/or sustainable options already out there were either too expensive or inaccessible to most sports fans. Furthermore, we discovered there are untapped retail distribution opportunities within the traditional sales channels for sports-licensed products, (for example, outdoor/adventure).

In 2011, MLB was already being green. MLB Green Teams collected recyclables during the World Series in Arlington, Texas. Therefore, we felt that sustainable product lines were needed within the professional sports industry.

Our MLB partnership to produce sustainable apparel further supplies an authentic canvas for their commitment to social and environmental innovation. Through the SustainU and MLB licensed partnership, fans will now have an option to purchase an affordable, accessible and tangible product, while also being able to embody their favorite team(s).

“MLB by SustainU” shirts are currently available for sale with vendors at Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Wrigley Field, Busch StadiumBelow is an example of a display in Angel Stadium.

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To follow our story or see some of the upcoming designs, other teams we’re working with and more, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, or like us on Facebook! Give us a call at (304) 413-0416 with any questions you may have.

SustainU Clothing Provides A Made In USA & 100% Recycled Shirt Option For Inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship Game

SustainU, a leading producer of American Made, 100% recycled clothing, announces their collaboration with FMI as the exclusive shirt provider at this year’s first ever College Football National Championship.


“We are excited to have the opportunity to provide a 100% recycled, USA Made garment at this year’s game,” said Chris Yura, CEO and founder of SustainU.

“We’re the exclusive provider for AT&T Stadium and other on-site venues. It’s exciting for our company that all of these products are coming from West Virginia to be sold during the National Championship.“

Beginning January 5th, nearly 20,000 shirts will be sent to Texas for the first ever College Football National Championship Game. In addition to providing SustainU brand shirts, the company was able to offer eco-friendly printing on other products as well.

Since the company began 5 years ago, individuals who have chosen to wear a shirt made by SustainU have collectively saved over 4.8 MILLION KG of CO2 EMISSIONS, 12,500 GALLONS OF AGROCHEMICALS, 284.8 MILLION GALLONS OF WATER, AND 100K GALLONS OF GASOLINE/PETROLEUM.

We’ve all heard it said: “The clothes make the man.”

Whether you believe that clothes reveal to us a person’s identity or not, you can certainly learn something about a person by the clothes that they wear.

What is their favorite team? Do they like to work out? What kind of job do they have?

Our clothes tell a story about our preferences to the world.

At SustainU, we want the stories are garments are telling to reflect the core values of our company, by the things that go into our garments as well as by the embellishments on them. We are proud that every SustainU product is made from 100% recycled material, that is, things that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. And the people who knit, cut, sew and print our garments are Americans whose names we know.


We now have crew neck sweatshirts, made from 100% recycled materials! For our photo shoot last fall we were lucky enough to visit Footprints Farm, a local sustainably designed, family farm that grows premium quality meats, vegetables, and herbs using natural and traditional farming systems. If you’re close to Fayette County, PA, check them out!

For us, it’s not just a business, it’s personal. And, to us, that is a story worth telling.

So, next time you pull your shirt over your head, think about what you’re saying to the world. If that story is not one you’re excited about, change it. Join us in heralding the revitalization of American manufacturing by using recycled products to make high quality, comfortable clothing. Once you start doing that, it will never be “just a t-shirt” again.

Let’s be honest. We can afford it.

Instead of trying to sell our products at a higher margin because it is 100% recycled and made in the USA, we would rather sell them as low as we can afford, while still being financially sustainable. This may be a very different approach than many apparel companies, but that is exactly why SustainU was founded. We want to be radically different so that more people can become part of a more sustainable solution.  If the sustainable product movement is only relying on the purchases of the elite, it is not going to be a reality.

What does it cost to make a tee?
Cost for a tee varies of course from company to company, but for us the cost is around $5 for a finished garment. This final costs is a combination of what we pay for fabric, transportation, cutting and sewing, embellishment and packaging. Our highest costs are for the actual sewing of the garment as we only employ American companies. Companies that manufacture overseas have even lower production costs.

What other costs are there?
Obviously, there are other costs besides what it directly takes to make a shirt: overhead costs such as rent, utilities, insurance, salaries for sales, administrative and marketing staff and other associated costs all have to be covered by the sale of garments. Different companies have different overhead costs, but for companies that sell more garments the amount of overhead costs per garment goes down.

So why are some sustainable clothes so expensive?
We can’t speak for every company, but we sell our basic tees for just $12. That means that just $7 per shirt is left to cover our overhead. Compare that other “sustainable” clothing companies that charge anywhere from $25 to $100 for an eco-shirt. They may have slightly higher costs, but the reality is that most of that is going towards owner profit.

We want everyone to be able to afford sustainable clothing, so we keep our margins and profits as low as possible, making our garments accessible for everyone. When it comes to conserving what we have for future generations, we can afford it.



Keep it close, keep it affordable.

One of our goals has always to be a company that makes great, sustainable clothing affordable for everyone. One of the ways we do this is to reduce transportation costs by making things as locally as possible. We can manufacture and distribute our products more effectively in the USA than companies that source materials and labor from tens of thousands of miles away in other countries. The savings are not only economic; local manufacturing also greatly reduces CO2 emissions which greatly impacts the environment.

Some examples of how this works:

Consolidating shipments
When we have various colors coming out of our knitter, we wait for desired weight in fabric until we ship to save on transportation costs. reducing the number of shipments we make saves money and enables us to pass savings on to our customers.


Localized production
We keep all processes required to make a garment as close as possible to each other to cut down on shipping and the time to get products in-house. The textile regions of the West Virginia, North and South Carolina and Tennessee are well equipped and in close proximity making it a super-efficient region in which to make clothing.

Centralized distribution
We distribute all of our products out of a centrally located facility in the mid-Atlantic Region. Located within a 500 mile radius of half of the nation’s population, our DC is equipped to where we label, sew hem-tags, and print clothing and ship with very quick turnaround time, allowing us to react to markets more quickly than most companies.